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About St. Croix Car Wash

Born and raised in the St. Croix Valley, owners Judd and Jay Andrews are local business owners of the existing Tire Pros & Wheel Experts locations in Stillwater, MN and Hudson, WI. Since 2006, the brothers have steadily grown their business and are now ready to expand their offering by adding the St. Croix Car Wash for their existing clients and the retail public. The Andrews family has a strong connection to the community and identified the need for this car wash.

St Croix Car Wash Team Photo

Maintaining Their Reputation From Tire Pros & Wheel Experts

St. Croix Car Wash will have a state-of-the-art, impeccably maintained facility with both an in-bay automatic choice wash and a self-serve wash with capacity for large vehicles and trailers, unlike any competition in the area. Known for their ability to service luxury and highly customized vehicles, this wash will cater to their currently underserved clientele. While this will be an unmanned operation, the Andrews brothers will leverage their advantage of local staff in the adjacent facility to maintain the car wash multiple times daily or as needed.

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The Andrews Brothers’ Plan

This includes the ability for users to select a soft-touch or touch-free experience and will have premium options such as ceramic coatings, which have been a tremendously popular recent trend. Users will have the ability to use any payment method or join a monthly car wash subscription.

Future Plans

As owners of property in New Richmond, WI there are future plans to expand into that area. Judd and Jay believe in the power of small business, being active participants in the Chamber of Commerce and local events. They have a customer-focused passion in business that has fueled their growth thus far in the tire & automotive industry and will continue to guide their success for the automotive wash industry.

Try Our App Today!

We strive to improve our services and make the customer experience easier daily. That’s why we created the St. Croix Car Wash app, enabling customers to take control of their experience and manage it at the click of a button! The app allows you to monitor your purchases, view your account history, and earn rewards from the comfort of your home. Enjoy outstanding service at your fingertips.

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