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Join Our Car Wash Club Today!

Welcome to the Car Wash Club in Stillwater, MN and surrounding areas, offered exclusively by St. Croix Car Wash! Members gain access to a wide range of fantastic perks, deals, discounts, and packages to make their washing a breeze. Our The Works, St. Croix, Super, and Express wash packages provide vehicles with industry-grade products and technology to clean their car in no time. Please choose from one or more of our packages depending on what you want or need from your experience. Our packages offer an automatic or self-serve wash method. Peruse our offerings and become a member today!

Car Wash Packages

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Try Our App Today!

We strive to improve our services and make the customer experience easier daily. That’s why we created the St. Croix Car Wash app, enabling customers to take control of their experience and manage it at the click of a button! The app allows you to monitor your purchases, view your account history, and earn rewards from the comfort of your home. Enjoy outstanding service at your fingertips.

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