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Self-Service Car Wash in Oak Park, MN

Make your vehicle look and feel the best it can be by choosing St. Croix Car Wash for your next self-service car wash in Oak Park, MN. We are a family-owned and operated business whose owners, Judd and Jay Andrews, were born and raised in the St. Croix Valley. We have a deep understanding of our community’s needs and are passionate about providing our clients with spotlessly clean vehicles. Regardless of what you drive or how you drive it, our continuously maintained facility will provide the cutting-edge tools and equipment to give it the perfect shine.

car getting washed with soap and foam

Space to Serve Vehicles of All Sizes

Do you have a large or unusually shaped vehicle? Have you had bad experiences with being unable to fit it in other car washes? If so, St. Croix Car Wash will put your worries at ease. Our facility comprises a 14 ft. vehicle clearance, allowing customers to fit vehicles of every make, model, and size. Our state-of-the-art wash bay accommodates every vehicle, from family passenger vehicles to heavy-duty trucks and SUVs. Pull your trailer or large vehicle in with ease. If your vehicle can fit on the road, it will fit in our washing and cleaning bay without a hitch!

car with jet spray in force

A Friendly Staff Nearby to Help

Though our self-service washing bay is self-directed, there is still help nearby. Our local staff, housed in the nearby facility, would love to assist and guide you during your wash. The support staff regularly cleans and maintains the washing bays. They make routine updates and maintenance checks on our technology to ensure they are in working order and ready for your arrival. They will be happy to answer any questions and address your concerns during your wash.

Try Our App Today!

We strive to improve our services and make the customer experience easier daily. That’s why we created the St. Croix Car Wash app, enabling customers to take control of their experience and manage it at the click of a button! The app allows you to monitor your purchases, view your account history, and earn rewards from the comfort of your home. Enjoy outstanding service at your fingertips.

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