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Automatic Car Wash for Stillwater, MN Vehicles

Clean any vehicle you want with the utmost convenience at St. Croix Car Wash, providing an automatic car wash for Stillwater, MN drivers. Our family-owned and operated car wash business serves our community with the highest excellence. Our innovative wash, rinse, and scrub technology is designed to clean every make, model, and vehicle style to perfection.

car getting automatic washed

Touch-Free and Soft Touch Washes

We offer our customers touch-free and soft-touch wash methods with a 7’2″ clearance, providing more vehicle space than standard wash bays. We recommend the proper method based on what you need for your vehicle.

  • Touch-Free: The touch-free bay uses sensor technology to analyze your vehicle’s dimensions, shape, and contours. It delivers a spectacular hands-free rinse, wash, wax, and shine during each service.
  • Soft Touch: The soft-touch method uses minimal, gentle activity to apply a glossy material and powerful side wash technology to your vehicle, giving it a flawless shimmer and sparkle.

Fantastic Packages for a Convenient Vehicle Cleaning

At St. Croix Car Wash, we pride ourselves on our ability to service every vehicle. From family sedans to heavy-duty work trucks and customized luxury vehicles, we deploy state-of-the-art automated cleaning technology to restore vehicles to a clean, spotless appearance. Enjoy a routine soak and scrub to get dirt and grime off your vehicle, or get a coating over your vehicle for the ultimate protection. Whatever your preferences, our wash packages make it easy to get your vehicle clean. Choose from:

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Try Our App Today!

We strive to improve our services and make the customer experience easier daily. That’s why we created the St. Croix Car Wash app, enabling customers to take control of their experience and manage it at the click of a button! The app allows you to monitor your purchases, view your account history, and earn rewards from the comfort of your home. Enjoy outstanding service at your fingertips.

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